Locally based with know-how of the business

Our company can be found in the centre of West Flanders, the vegetable garden of Europe. We like to tell it as it is, are enterprising, open and honest and quality is our mantra.

Garantie op kwaliteit - Pasfrost

Quality guaranteed

Quality is a must for us regardless of whether this concerns our products, our service or our procedures. We, therefore, check every step of the production process: from seed to frozen vegetable.

Measuring is the key to knowledge and, together with your feedback, we go the extra mile. Pasfrost, therefore, has all important quality certificates such as the international BRC food and quality certificate and the European IFS quality label.

Download BRC certificate

Download IFS certificate

Download Organic products certificate

Waterzuiveringssysteem - Pasfrost

Doing business sustainably is in our DNA. We think about the future and take deliberate and strategic decisions that have the least possible impact on nature, the environment and people. In addition, we simply prefer to have the most efficient solution, which often is also the most sustainable.

We, for example, work with a modern expanded water purification system that recycles 60% of our wastewater. In addition, we regularly implement energy audits to permanently reduce our CO2 emissions.

Open corporate culture - Ethics

Open corporate culture

Pasfrost started out as a family-run company Now we have become a large international player, but our family-oriented character certainly plays a part in the company; our no-nonsense critical mindset is still firmly in place.  'Difficult is also an option; we tackle challenges head on.'

We, therefore, believe that short and transparent communication is key. With our employees and with our customers. We will not tell you what you want to hear but go for transparency and honesty. Our customers value this no-nonsense approach.

Pasfrost agrees to work according to the eti base code principles. See : www.ethicaltrade.org/eti-base-code. We hereby confirm that we always comply with the legal provisions, regulations and rules imposed by the government, on the basis of labor, social, health and welfare legislation in the workplace. For more information you can always contact our general number: +32 51 780 780.


Pasfrost is committed to responsible ethical behaviour. This applies to our employees, customers, suppliers and to society in general.

We think of:

  • Creating a safe, healthy working environment and positive working atmosphere for our employees.
  • Fair, responsible trade with our partners (customers and suppliers).
  • Clear and correct communication to all interested parties, our stakeholders;

You can download our code of conduct here, which encourages everyone to act professionally and decently.

However, we are always available, because if you have a concern, question, problem or complaint (e.g. unsafe situation, improper business, malpractice, etc.), you can always reach us by phone at +32 (0)51 26 20 01 (confidential advisor) or by email at integrity@pastfrost.be .

Anonymous reporting is also possible via this link.