Service tailored to your food sector

Our frozen vegetables are used worldwide in different sectors and ways. These differences are, for example, related to specific standards, the supplied quantities, the packaging, the shape of the vegetables and the brand name.

Pasfrost feels at home on all markets. We supply frozen vegetables with a quality guarantee to the food industry, food service and retail and always take sector-specific requirements into consideration.

Voedingsindustrie Pasfrost

Food industry

Our customers from the food industry can come to Pasfrost with all their technical and specific questions.  Questions about the product, process, packaging and other issues are examined in all transparency.  This open culture and reliability results in long-term partnerships.

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Retail Pasfrost


Pasfrost has sufficient know-how and resources to deliver large volumes within a short period with regard to both private labels and our own labels and always based on terms and conditions in line with the market.

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Foodservice Pasfrost

Food service

Convenience, a stable quality and health have the highest priority for our food service customers and they also find these properties in the solutions that we deliver.

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Food industry: Together with you, we deal with your technical questions!

A large number of our customers are food producers. Do you have a company that produces different food types such as pizzas, ready-made meals or baby food? Then you can come to Pasfrost with all your technical and specific questions. In close consultation, questions regarding the product, process, packaging, etc. can result in a transparent partnership.    After all, you, as a customer, are also a source of information.    You can select from a range of packaging options such as 10 kg bulk cardboard packaging, 25 kg bags and octabins to have our vegetables delivered.

We view every request as a new challenge. This is how customers like you push us to stay that little bit ahead and to constantly innovate and invest. We arrive at an optimum solution by closely working with you: quality products for a competitive price.

Voedingsindustrie Pasfrost

Food service: worry-free solutions for convenience products all year round.

Do you operate in the food service sector, for example, in the catering industry? You will then be supplying food that is ready for consumption. Convenience, a stable quality and health have the highest priority for you and you will also look for these properties in the solutions that we offer.

Pasfrost has many years of experience with food service customers and will go the extra mile to meet the specific requirements of this sector. If you have a question about a specific style, a composition of a mixture that your end customer, the 'chef', views as added value, then do not hesitate. We also offer the needed solutions with regard to this. In addition to our own brand, private labels may also be a solution for the food service.

Foodservice Pasfrost

Retail: competitive products sold as a private label or own brand

Are you operational in retail? You will then be selling your product directly to private customers. We have been operating in the retail sector for many years and therefore we cater perfectly for the specific requirements of your sector. We have sufficient know-how, capacity, infrastructure and stock to supply large volumes within a short period all year round.    We can offer many packaging solutions:  Private label, own brand, packaging ranging from 400 grams to 1 kg, zip seal bags, laminate, etc.

Regardless of what you choose, you will always have a high-quality product for a competitive price!

Retail Pasfrost

Are you looking for a tailor-made solution?

Are you looking for a specific solution that meets the requirements of your sector as a food professional?

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