Local cultivation in the heart of Europe, the vegetable garden of the world

Pasfrost can be found where the soil is fertile, the sea climate is mild and farmers pass on their expertise from generation to generation. It is exactly with these professionals that we work together to grow the tastiest and healthiest vegetables as the basis for our frozen vegetables.

The production process in four steps

Even though we work together with selected farmers, we check every step in the production process from seed to packaging.

Beste zaden van Pasfrost

1. The best seeds

The quality of our vegetables already begins with the seeds.

We therefore reject genetically manipulated seeds and we only work with the best seed suppliers. We distribute those seeds ourselves amongst our growers because only the best is good enough.

Nauwgezette teeltopvolging

2. Close crop monitoring

Once sown, our agro department keeps a close eye and it monitors food safety, traceability, quality and sustainability. This close monitoring is registered in transparent cultivation records.

Wassen groenten - Pasfrost

3. Directly from the soil to the freezer

Immediately after harvesting, we wash and process the vegetables so that they end up in the freezer a few hours later. Freshness and a high vitamin level guaranteed!

Verpakking op maat - Pasfrost

4. Tailor-made packaging

A super modern department packages the vegetables at a very fast pace exactly how you want it. From own label to private label and from 400 grams to octabin.

We manage our cultivation

Pasfrost does not work together with any old supplier. We select our farmers with due diligence and enter into a legally sound contract with every farmer.  We also manage the entire cultivation process: sowing, planting, harvesting and transporting.

We can only guarantee quality and submit the required annual certificates if we are fully in control.

Teelt onder eigen management

100% traceable products

We check the entire process including at our growers. Thanks to this vertical integration, every vegetable can be completely traced back to its source. Vegetable type, grower, plot, harvest, production and packaging date, etc. All information can be retraced via our smart scanning system.

Our production process also meets the strictest of quality requirements and stands up effortlessly to the weekly audits performed by customers. Maximum food safety guaranteed!

Traceerbaarheid Pasfrost

Do you want to know more about the result of this collaboration?

The close collaboration with our farmers results in a wide range of tasty and healthy products.

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