Pasfrost frozen vegetables: from farmer to plate

Pasfrost is a producer and distributor of high-quality, tasty and sustainably grown frozen vegetables. We are based in Passendale, right in the centre of the vegetable garden of West Flanders.  Our origins are important to us as is the origin of our vegetables. We have them grown by farmers in the area who work with knowledge of and passion for the profession. And your customers will taste this on their plates!

  • Local roots
  • International outlet
  • Monitoring and management of suppliers
  • Sustainable cultivation and production
  • Obsession with quality
  • High-tech machinery

100% Belgian, 100% quality

As a West Flanders producer, we are proud of our vegetables grown in collaboration with local farmers.

100% fresh from the freezer! 100% quality! We guarantee this.

Fresh from the garden: our seasonal vegetables

From cauliflowers to beans, Pasfrost grows a wide range of vegetables. Nature has no secrets for us.  We closely follow the seasons and therefore can guarantee all year round freezer fresh vegetables with a stable quality. Below you will find the most important vegetables for our current seasonal range.

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We have an extensive and varied range all year round.

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Our farmers

The seed that produces our frozen vegetables is in the soil, literally and figuratively. Pasfrost works closely together with farmers from the region who cultivate our vegetables with much passion and knowledge for the profession.

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