Water – essential and precious

Pasfrost takes for years already care of the use of water in its production process, we are since long a pioneer in the recycling of our water and we do more and more to be able to produce drinkable water.

Continuous growth

We are growing continuously, and so Pasfrost decided to build in 2015 a new water treatment station.  When having the studies, we verified all possible technologies, to make sure that we are ready for the future.

Drinkable water

This new water treatment station has been realised in 2 steps.  First, we build in 2017 our water treatment station to recycle as much as possible and finally in April 2018 we were able to produce drinkable water in this new factory.

With the help of technologies like ultrafiltration, reverse osmose and UV-disinfection it is possible to produce from recycled effluent, drinkable water.  This water can be reused in our production of frozen vegetables.  Pasfrost was in his industry already pioneer in 1999 and till today, we are in the possibility to produce all our own drinkable water.

The use of city water in our process is practically superfluous. And by recycling water you help of course nature! Important nowadays!

Waterzuiveringsstation Pasfrost